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For many people across the country, Thanksgiving represents a time of togetherness when the entire brood can gather around the table and sink into some family love – and a vat of mashed potatoes. For others, it’s a terrifying time of strife and stress.

Well, get ready for the “normal” fabric of family dynamics to be stretched to its limits this year. In the aftermath of the most contentious U.S. election of our time, nerves are frayed, and two distinct and disagreeable (and that’s putting it mildly) camps of voters could make sitting across the table from each other more challenging than usual.

So how can you get through it, and maybe even enjoy yourself? Here’s your Thanksgiving 2016 Survival Guide.

Cocktails Any One?

Depending on your family dynamic, you may already be quite familiar with the whole drinking at Thanksgiving thing. But this year may call for more – and stronger – imbibing.

Make dinner a multicultural affair

What better way to make a statement about acceptance than by bringing in some new cultural dishes? Thanksgiving dinner is conventionally associated with very specific foods. Turkey. Pumpkin pie. Stuffing. Try blending American tradition and familial culture with food.

Play a game

Thanksgiving Bingo is a fun way to get through a strained holiday, but cards from years past probably won’t do this year. Generate your own Thanksgiving Bingo cards and pass them out to a few family members, or give them to friends who you know could really use some help at the dinner table next year. Keeping your ears open for the next winning phrase by making it a game could help soften the tension.

Thanksgiving bingo

Thanksgiving bingo


Maybe what your family needs this year is to not sit down to eat together at all, but, rather, to be of service. Volunteering at Thanksgiving can be rewarding for those who are on both the giving end and the receiving end.

Be truly, sincerely, thankful

It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of sorrow or regret, especially when the big picture is also not one you can find much solace in. Whether you’re feeling dread at what the next four years hold, or if you’re feeling joy, or somewhere in between, taking a moment to get in touch with what you’re grateful for can be powerful. Health, wealth, a good job, strong friendships, a loving family (even if this year some are a tad less so), and a table full of food to enjoy offer plenty of reasons to be thankful, which, not coincidentally, is the name of the game on this holiday.

The Kingsburg real estate market held steady through the month of October.  Our inventory went up to 26 Active listings, which is still incredibly low, and our sales creeped up a little. We closed escrow on 8 properties as opposed to 7 in September.  What is notable, is the fact that the price per square foot jump up to an average of $157, for both Active and Sold properties.  Days on the market (DOM) also decreased down to an average of 30 days, which is real good, as this means inventory is moving.  We do anticipate a softening of the market as we head into the holidays.

And speaking of the holidays, the entire staff at The Housing Connection and New Era Financial wish all of you the very happiest of Thanksgiving and truly hope you are able to share your day with family and friends.

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