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Children and their Grandparents

Saw this article the other day and thought it was worth sharing.  Talk to your grand kids if you have them!

Children want grandparent stories.  Most children enjoy hearing their grandparents tell stories.  Here are some of the tales that are certain to pique the grand kids’ interest:

Describe how their grandparents met.  Describe the day their parents were born and how you felt. Describe the day they were born and your feelings about being a grandparent.  Talk about your first job and what you learned from it.  And be sure and tell them of your proudest achievements.  They do want to hear!

Grandfather and grandchild walking in nature path

Okay, on to real estate.  Inventory in Kingsburg went up a tick and sales dropped by one half.  We currently have 24 homes for sale within the city limits and we had 8 sales in the month of July. Price per square foot (PSF) held pretty steady for the sold properties, coming in at $150.  It looks like the big spring/summer push is winding down.  It seems like once school starts, the market slows way down and tends to stay that way through the fall and winter months.  Last winter was an anomaly in that February and March were real busy months. It will be interesting to see what this winter holds.  Interest rates are still very low, inventory is still way down in the low 20’s and values have been creeping up for the past 18 months.  All good indicators of a strong real estate market.

Remember that we can help you with all your real estate needs, whether it’s buying, selling or renting properties and if you are looking for that perfect loan.

As always, thank you for reading this blog about Kingsburg real estate.  The time you take to read it is appreciated.  And please feel free to comment, as we do love to hear from you.

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