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Kingsburg Magnetic Emergency Cards

Kingsburg magnetic emer # card
Take a look at this awesome magnetic card with local emergency numbers made just for Kingsburg. If you are on our mailing list, you probably already received one. But, if you are not, and you would like us to drop one (or two) in the mail to you please let us know. Text your address to 647-1812 and tell us how many you would like. It also has all the schools phone numbers too. Great to have on your refrigerator at home or on your filing cabinet at work. These are provided by New Era Financial and The Housing Connection just for you!
There has been slight movement in the real estate market here in Kingsburg. Our inventory went up a little, SOLD homes went from 7 up to 11 in August and the PSF (price per square foot) moved up to $150. Just to put that in perspective, May was $136 PSF, June was $143 PSF and July was $148 PSF. So you see, we are in a slight incline in values, about 10% over a 4 month period. Let us know if you would like to see the value of your home in your neighborhood. Takes about 5 minutes, so give us a call at 897-4077.
Don’t forget the Harvest Moon Festival coming up September 26th in downtown Kingsburg. I heard a rumor that there will be lots of “taco/food trucks” on hand, similar to the successful Grizzlies Taco Truck Throw Down held in July. Should be a great evening with lots of music, food and fun. Look for The Housing Connection booth on the corner of Draper and Marion and pick up your very own orange mardi gras type beads. We’ll be the crazy people in the bright orange cowboy hats!
Thank you for taking the time to read this real estate blog each month and remember to contact me if you have any comments. They are all welcome.
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