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Which Generation Are You?

One cool thing July 2015
Silent Generation: born between 1920 & 1945
Baby Boomers: born between 1946 & 1965
Generation X: born between 1966 & 1976
Generation Y: born between 1977 & 1994
Generation Z: born between 1995 and 2012
As you can see from the info graphic above, generation Y has the most first time home buyers at 66% and the silent generation has the least at 3%. So in other words, the youngsters are still out there making their first home purchases. To us old folks, it is the children of our children that are entering the home buying market. It is these Millennials that are the biggest share of home buyers today. And boy are they tech savvy. Their smart phones/tablets/laptops connect them to available listings with all photos and they are very aware of what is for sale.
Here in Kingsburg our inventory has dropped slightly. Last month we had 33 homes on the market and now there are only 26. We Sold & closed escrows on 10 homes in June, which was one more than May. It’s taking about the same number of days to sell and the Price Per Square Foot (PSF) ticked up to $143. So bit by bit our market continues to improve.
Don’t forget the Concerts in the park! There are two more Thursday evenings filled with music and ice cream (a plug for the Kiwanis booth).
The Kingsburg Police Department is putting together a 2nd group to train for Citizens on Patrol. The first group is just about finished with their training and will be hitting the streets next week. Anyone interested in volunteering for this 2nd group, please contact the Kingsburg Police Department non-emergency number at 897-2931.
National Night Out this year will be held on August 4th in Memorial Park from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Bring the little ones out for a night of fun and entertainment. There will be lots of free stuff for the kids plus activities and food.
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