California Drought Effects New Homes

New home builders are getting creative in order to comply with stricter use of water. KB Homes in Santa Clarita is installing underground irrigation systems and other methods that don’t lose water to evaporation by spraying it high in the air.
california-drought-2 (1)
Some builders are installing minimal, if any, turf in front of their newly built homes, instead opting for rock, mulch and drought-tolerant vegetation. And some like Granville Homes in Fresno are installing artificial turf. It will make for a pretty interesting picture as those of us who have the real thing allow our lawns to turn brown. Or we could do what a couple in San Jose did and spray paint a very large American flag across their entire front yard. Pretty cool actually!
Doesn’t have much to do with our real estate market here, just thought the whole thing interesting!
The real estate market here in Kingsburg has seen a recent increase in the number of homes on the market, so inventory is starting to go up. We Sold & closed escrows on 9 homes in May, which was one more than April. It’s also taking more days to sell than last month and Price Per Square Foot (PSF) dropped from $149 down to $136.
It’s time for the Concerts in the park! This season marks the 129th concert. They begin on June 18 in Memorial Park at 8:00 pm. Musical Director Dale Engstrom has planned another great season of exciting music featuring many great soloists in addition to the stellar band. Start making plans now to attend the concerts in cool, shady Memorial Park. The Farmers Market will be held from 5:00pm until concert time so make an evening of it for the entire family. Concert season runs each Thursday from June 18 through July 23. New Era Financial (our sister mortgage company) is sponsoring the June 25th session. AND don’t forget that wonderful Kiwanis ice cream! Hope to see you there!
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