Call the police! This house is for sale…huh?


Call the police! This house is for sale…huh?

The competition in today’s housing market is suddenly fierce in some locations, so fierce that some are calling the police.  A Seattle agent had to hire an off-duty policeman to direct traffic to an open house.  The officer stopped counting at 150 vehicles.  Now, we are not quite there yet, but Fresno is experiencing some of this frenzy.  I had two offers that were out bid on homes within the past week in Fresno.  We are seeing multiple offers with prices accepted over asking price.  The problem, of course, is no inventory.  We have more Buyers than there are homes to sell.  I have been lamenting over this issue for over a year now.  We went from somewhere around 100 Kingsburg homes for sale in 2012 to only 25 this past February.  Maybe with spring around the corner, Sellers will decide that now is the time to put their homes up for sale.   Comparing the January Active listings and the Sold listings, the numbers are almost the identical across the board for February.  So that indicates to me that our market is still stagnant.  No need for the police to direct open house traffic here.

Please join the Kingsburg, Selma & Fowler joint Chamber of Commerce mixer Wednesday evening, March 18th, out at the SKF facility at 11301 E. Conejo starting at 5:00 pm..  The Housing Connection is proud to host the evening’s event.  Food, raffle prices and a detailed look at the sanitation facility is on the agenda.

We all here at The Housing Connection and New Era Financial wish you and your family a blessed Easter.

Remember to contact me if you have any comments. They are all welcome.

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