Buyer Optimism …. at an all time high

We are seeing that same Buyer optimism right here in Kingsburg. Sales are still up (10 sales in September) and PSF (Price per square foot) is up too. We have seen a big surge in the sale of upper end homes with some coming in at up to $179 PSF. Wow! We haven’t seen those numbers since some time in 2006 right before real estate values stared to slide downhill.
Inventory is still very, very low with only 15 Active listings within the city limits.
According to the chart below, it looks like we have had a steady increase in Buyer’s optimism for the past several years. And with Buyer’s optimism comes perception and with perception comes reality!
One cool thing Oct 2014
If you have little ones, be sure and bring them to the Memorial Park for a safe and fun Trick or Treat experience on October 31st. There will be all kinds of games, costume contests (watching those little ones parade on the stage is absolutely priceless), food and a Trunk or Treat Alley. We will be there as usual in the alley with an awesome trunk that will depict the “Wonderful World of Oz”. And I did hear that the “Great and Powerful OZ” will make an appearance and will have lots of good candy to give away.
As always, thank you for reading our monthly blog and feel free to post any comments.

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One response to “Buyer Optimism …. at an all time high

  1. Dick Meyer

    Great Article, Judy! Appreciate your wisdom and humor!

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