From May’s highs to June’s lows (otherwise known as the summer doldrums)

What is it that makes one month so strong (15 sales in May) to the next month’s low, but average, numbers (7 sales in June)? Hard to say in this ecomony. Sometimes I think it is the beginning of summer with scheduled vacations, the hot weather, low inventory and a total mix of the three that separates spring from summer. So here we are sitting in the summer doldrums, with hardly a ripple in our sails (or sales, as the case may be) with the oarsmen pulling mightily and not making much headway. The market has just gone flat! We have buyers, but not just the right sellers. Or we have Sellers, but not just the right Buyers. Trying to match the two up can be a challenge. Not that I am complaining. No sir! We all here like challenges!  But it is a comfort to know that the nation is in somewhat the same situation.
band concert
Don’t forget the City’s summer band concerts with three more remaining Thursday nights, July 17, 24 & 31. Visitors can enjoy music, food and fun with neighbors.

And once again we are proud to announce that we have another new agent now working at The Housing Connection; Glenn Niswander from Selma comes to us with 10 years of experience and hard work. Welcome aboard Glenn!

And as always, thank you for reading our monthly blog and feel free to post any comments.

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