How to Lower your Property Tax

Home prices have been going down in some places …… like right here in our little corner of the world, Kingsburg. Property taxes do not move in lockstep with home values because local governments typically do not measure values every year. This means that your current property taxes might reflect your home’s value when the market was healthier. Homeowners can often get their assessment lowered if they appeal to their local assessor. This can translate into a lower bill, but can be a long and arduous process for the homeowner. There are several How To websites such as this one from the Wall Street Journal: One of the first steps is for you, the homeowner, to determine the value of your home and this is where we can help. We will be glad to provide, free of charge, an in depth comparative market analysis (CMA) report on your home. Just give us a call at 897-4077, give us your address and we’ll be glad to mail, email or fax the report to you within 24 hours.

Our real estate market here in Kingsburg is still holding steady. As of August 31st, we had 35 homes on the market as compared to 36 at the end of July. Our DOM (days on the market) for SOLD properties increased from 26 days in July to 70 in August. We closed escrow on 11 properties and in July we had only closed 4. So again, some of the numbers are good, some not so good. The number of Pending escrows is now up to 24, which means that the month of September should show a big increase in closed transactions. Comparing the numbers to August of 2010, we are just a little bit better in every category; less homes on the market, more sales and a shorter time frame to sell.

Don’t forget, Leonard and I are providing FREE pocket editions of The Constitution of the United States which includes the Declaration of Independence. So far, we’ve given away about 25 of these great little reference guides. You can pick up a FREE copy of it here at our office at 1340 Sierra St., or at the Kingsburg Chamber of Commerce, while supplies last. This is our little way of spreading the word about the importance of our government following the guidelines of the Constitution.

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