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The Attack on Homeownership

Here is a great article about the housing market hole that we seem to be in and the current attack on homeownership. Some of these issues will be voted upon by the Super Committee of 12 soon to be in session in Washington, DC.

  • Home Ownership Under Assault: 4 Issues Threaten Housing Market Recovery

    Drowned out by such salacious news as Weinergate and Wikileaks, the very real attack on our nation’s housing market has gone virtually unnoticed by most Americans. But the outcome of this assault will hurt your ability to buy, own, and sell a home, long after the latest scandal fades from the headlines. So mute Nancy Grace, put down your People magazine, and turn your attention, just for a moment, to the not-so-sexy but far more important topic of housing policy. We promise it’s not just for political wonks anymore. Read

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The market here in Kingsburg continues to fluctuate a little each month. As of July 31st, we had 36 homes on the market as compared to 30 at the end of June. Our DOM (days on the market) for SOLD properties dropped from 77 in June to 26 in July. We only closed escrow on 4 properties and in June we closed 14. So some of the numbers are good, some not so good. The number of Pending escrows are 16, which means that the month of August should show an increase in closed transactions.

On a different note, Leonard and I have purchased 100 pocket editions of The Constitution of the United States which includes the Declaration of Independence. We are offering these great little reference guides FREE to anyone who would like one. You can pick up a FREE copy of it here at our office at 1340 Sierra St., or at the Kingsburg Chamber of Commerce, while supplies last. This is our little way of spreading the word about the importance of our government following the guidelines of the Constitution and for saying Thank You.

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