May …. all over again!

The local real estate numbers are in for the month of June and they are almost identical to those from May, except for the average sales price. That number seems to be ticking upward each month, thanks in part to the new construction in the north east area of Kingsburg. The number of available homes for sale and the time it is taking to sell them is consistent with the past couple months. So we have the smaller foreclosure homes selling for around $100 to $115 per square foot and the new homes coming in at $148 up to $163 per square foot. Good news for the upper end of the market, which has been stagnant for the past several years.
We are pleased to have another Guest Blogger this month: Ron Hirschler, Kingsburg Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent. You may reach Ron online at Ron offers the following good advice on home security:
“Practical Tips to Secure Your Home”
One thing every homeowner should do at least once a year is to walk around and through their property with a close friend or neighbor who is not too familiar with the house. Start outside and ask yourself “How would I break in?” The purpose of not doing it alone is your pal may spot something you’ll overlook. Remember, the two things a burglar fears most is being seen and having to take too much time to complete the crime.
Tips on being away for extended periods:
1. Arm security system. Set automatic timer for lights & radio and turn phones down.
2. Arrange for neighbor to watch house, cut and water grass to give it the lived in look.
3. Make sure there is no change in normal pattern of opening shutting drapes and/or lights.
4. Arrange to stop mail, newspaper delivery & continue to have yard work performed.
5. Arrange to have local police give “special attention” for area beat car.
Thanks Ron for these great security tips!
Remember the Summer Band Concerts for the next 4 Thursday evenings held at the Memorial Park across from Kingsburg High School. New Era Financial (our sister mortgage company) is sponsoring tonight’s big event and is providing a packet of free lemonade in celebration of its 20 year anniversary.
As always, we welcome your comments and promise to respond to them right away.

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