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March Madness

Take a look at the new CMA (comparative market analysis) to the right and you will see why we’re calling this March Madness. The February numbers compared to January number are crazy and all over the place. New listings are up, sold listings are up by one, “days on the market” is way down and price per square foot on sold properties is way down. I think we are still on that same roller coaster from last month and will probably be on this amusement ride for a while. Although I can’t think of this industry right now with much “amusement” with all these short sales and foreclosures,
On a lighter and tastier note, look for the Free Ice Cream sticky ad note on your Kingsburg Recorder this Wednesday and for the next 3 consecutive weeks. Anyone who goes to our blog site and clicks on the Free Ice Cream tab at the top of the page then follows the instructions, will receive a coupon for a free ice cream cone from Baby Cakes and Ice Cream on Draper St. Yum!
Also look for the large (and I mean very large) barrels in local real estate offices supporting the REALTORS® Feeding the Community program sponsored by the Fresno Board of Realtors. This month is Macaroni March and we are looking for non-perishable pasta type food items. In addition to a different theme each month, we will accept just about anything you want to give that is non-perishable. One of the awesome things about this food drive is that all the donated items will remain in our community; KCAPs in Kingsburg and Selma Cares in Selma.
We are proud to announce that The Housing Connection and New Era Financial will be sponsoring a team for the upcoming Relay for Life’s inaugural event here in Kingsburg on May 22nd through May 23. Our theme will be “Realtors Racing for a Cure” and we invite anyone and everyone to be a part of our team to support this awesome cause. If anyone is interested in joining up, please email me at or call me at 647-1812.

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