Credit Score Tips

Four Easy Steps to Raise your Credit Score
Having spent 10 years working with a Trans Union Credit Bureau eons ago, any time I see “quick fix” or “instant repair” schemes to improve credit scores, it just makes me fume! There are NO quick fixes and there is no such thing as instant repair! Beware of companies that promise a silver bullet for raising your score. No one can legally remove accurate information from a credit report. Only time can erase those notes of your file.
The following Four Easy Steps will help you raise your credit scores ……. THE Right WAY.
1. Do your homework. Obtain a copy of your current credit report and know what it states. Knowing your score is the first step in creating an action plan.
2. Do an accuracy check: Make sure the information on that report is correct and take steps to correct them it they are not.
3. Plan to improve: Here’s where your action plan really starts. Take control of your financial situation which means knowing how much money is coming in and how much is going out. Budget anyone?
4. Consolidate and save: If it makes sense, with your present situation and interest rates are good, consolidate your credit card debt into a second mortgage or equity line of trade. And then, don’t do the same thing over again. Highly recommended: get some face to face advice before you proceed.
Did I mention to beware of companies that promise that silver bullet? Remember, anything they will do for a fee, YOU can do for free. We have helped numerous people raise their credit scores (which take at least 6 months of dedication) and be able to purchase a home of their dreams when they thought it would not be possible.
If you or someone you know has any questions regarding their FICO scores, please send them our way. We counsel people all the time and NEVER charge them a cent …. just part of the service we provide.

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